In-situ Probes-RHEED, XPS and Auger Spectroscopies

To ensure the availability of the layer-by-layer (LBL) growth and the perfect stoichiometric quality of resulting quantum structures Chakhalian's group maintain precise control over the structural quality on the sub-unit cell scale with a ultra high-speed 2D-RHEED imaging system. Proper chemical composition of the films is crucial for the quality of materials. To ensure desired stoichiometry during the growth we developed an innovative in-situ X-ray spectroscopy (XRF) approach operating in high oxygen pressure, which previously was available only as a part of semiconductor thin film growth in ultrahigh vacuum. The high pressure XRF system is capable to collect X-ray spectra generated by electrons of the RHEED system, which ensure that X-ray events originate only from the film surface. One of the key components which have been recently installed into the XRF detector is a specially developed polymer window, which for the first time allows for low Zelements data collection including oxygen. Furthermore, the L-MBE2 is significantly upgraded to incorporate the advanced in-situ photoelectron spectroscopies such as Auger, EELS and Mg/Al dual-cathode XPS - capable of operating in up to 10-9Torr of base pressure; the innovative design is based on a high collection efficiency double-stage cylindrical analyzer DESA-150 recently developed in collaboration with STAIB Instruments. This implementation is unique. One of the unique features of L-MBE3 is its full Omicron sample holder compatibility which allows to transfer samples between various instruments without exposing their surface to ambient, e.g. ARPES, STM, HREELS etc. Check out this Video-> Video about Pulsed Laser Deposition


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High Resolution X-ray Difractometer

Our PANalytical Empyrean X-ray diffractometer includes highresolution optics (monochromator, mirrors, slits, analyzer crystal, etc.), 4-axis sample cradle, and 2D detector, which allows the ultra-fast measurements of rocking curves, reciprocal space mapping, X-ray reflectivity in minutes!

9 Tesla Physical Properties Measurement System

Our cryogen-free PPMS from quantum design serves as the most powerful probe to characterize the electrical and magnetic properties of our thin films. Advanced options (ADR, ETO, VSM, AC susceptibility, Sample Rotator) are available.

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